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Promotional Coasters - Promotional Products


Print your logo on our custom made Promotional Coasters, We provide a variety of Personalized Coasters from

Metal Coasters, Plastic Coasters, Glass Coasters to Stitched Leather and Board Coasters our Custom Coasters

CS-FCL - NEW Metal Coasters

Promo Metal Coasters

CS-GLS - Tempered Glass Coaster

Tempered Glass

Brass and Chrome Coaster Set

Brass & Chrome Set

Single Coasters

Single Coasters

CR-PS - Photosmart Coaster Sets

Photosmart Coaster

303-PS - Photosmart Assorted Coasters

Photosmart Coasters

303-IMP - Stitched Coated Leather Coaster

Stitched Leather

303-NB - Nubuck Coaster

Nubuck Coaster

Paper & Plastic Coasters

Paper & Plastic

Leather Coasters

Leather Coasters

Economy Leather Coasters

Economy Leather

Board Coasters

Board Coasters
 General Information

are excellent for Drink and Beverage Coasters that can be printed, engraved or hot stamped, feel free to print your

design or logo so you can offer a logoed coasters as a giveaway item at your establishment.