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Custom Engraving Services - Engraving & Signs


At Sterling Promotions Inc. we provide Custom Engraving Services we are located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

We do serve the local and abroad we custom Engrave Signs, plastic and metal plates, we stock Sign Holders, of

Custom Engraved Signs

Engraved Signs

Braille and Tactile Signs

Brail and ADA Signs

Engraved Plates, Tags and Badges

Plates, Tags & Badges

Industrial Signs

Industrial Signs

Engraving Material

Engraving Material

Sign Holders

Sign Holders

Back Pin

Name Badge Magnets

Badge Magnets

Badge Accessories

Desk Wedges

Desk Wedges

Engraving Plastic and Aluminu

Fonts & Type styles


all kinds, including desk holders, wall mounting holders, and wall brackets, we engrave plastic and metal tags and

Badges, our custom engraved signs prices includes one line engraved, you have a choice of material from our

stock of many coloured plastic engraving material to choose from, please inquire!