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Fitness Promotional Items - Solutions by Theme


12 Fitness Promotional Items, for gyms and personal use, either wrist saunter pedometer watch or sport arm

band can be personalized. promotional health and fitness products are made to promote your fitness lifestyle.

PD8887 - GAITER Pedometer

PD8887 - Pedometer

PD9056 - Wrist Saunter Pedometer Watch

9056 Pedmetr Watch

YM8274 - Yoga / Workout Towel

YM8274 - Yoga Towel

WB8785 - CROSS-TRAINER MAX Large Shaker Bottle

8785 - Shaker Bottle

WB4923 - Folding 400 Ml. 13.5 OZ. Water Bag

WB4923 - Folding Bag

B1429-C - Inflatable Seat Cushion

429 Inflatable Cushion

N9699 - SO-FIT Large Sports Armband

N9699 Sport Armband

N6446 - PERFORMANCE POCKET Zippered Wrist Wallet

N6446 - Wrist Wallet

WB8214 - Tritan 500 ML. (16 OZ.) Water Bottle

WB8214 - Water Bottle

N8625 - SAFE CASE NEOPRENE Multi Purpose Pouch

N8625 - Pouch

P3664 - Golf Accessory Bag

3664 Golf Access Bag

BT3811 - Bicycle Repair Kit

3811 - Bicycle Repair

Custom Exercise Fitness Products and Health, most Fitness Items can be printed and customized with your

design including yoga towels, Inflatable Cushions, water bottles and many styles of pedometers to choose from