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Custom Gourmet Gift Baskets


Looking for a gift to give away at an event? Here's a perfect treat filled with Barista’s Best Cappuccino Sampler, is

(18g), Maitre Truffout Truffles Hazelnut Choc (1pc), Pirouline Choc Hazelnut Cream Filled Wafers. We provide

GBA801 - Cappuccino Sampler

GBA801 - Sampler

GBA803 - Gourmet Impressions

GBA803 - Impressions

GBA809 - Golden Decadence

GBA809 - Decadence

GBA811 - Everything Sweet

811 Everything Sweet

GBA815 - Gourmet Snacker

815 Gourmet Snacker

GBA817 - Snack N' Go

GBA817 - Snack N' Go

GBA821 - Golden Palace

821 - Golden Palace

GBA827 - The Elegant Touch

827The Elegant Touch

GBA825 - Spectacular Snacker

GBA825 - Snacker

GBA839 - Gift of Godiva

GBA839 Gift of Godiva

GBA833 - The Perfect Date

833 - The Perfect Date

GBA843 - Bank of Chocolate

843 Bank of Chocolate

GBA841 - Christmas Bells

841 - Christmas Bells

GBA849 - Just Chocolates

849 - Just Chocolates

GBA853 - The French Rivera

853 - French Rivera

GBA857 - Godiva Dreamer Gift

857 - Dreamer Gift

GBA861 - The Chocolate Times

861 - Chocolate Times

GBA865 - Vogue Times

GBA865 Vogue Times

GBA867 - Bellissimo Gift Box

GBA867 - Bellissimo

GBA819 - Gourmet Tower

819 - Gourmet Tower

GBA829 - Lindt Surprise Tower

GBA829 - Lindt Tower

GBA847 - Godiva Tower

847 - Godiva Tower

GBA845 - The Everest Tower

845 - Everest Tower

GBA831 - Sweet Vintage Wooden Truck

831 - Wooden Truck

Premium Custom Gourmet gifts for our clients including, Gourmet Impressions,This basket is one of our favorites

Filled with Barista’s Best Cappuccino (18g), Primrose Toffee (57g), Pirouline, Choc Hazelnut Cream Filled Wafers

(25g), Truffettes De France Cocoa Truffles (16g). also Sweet Lindor, Snacks Delight, Chocolate. Treasure Gift,

Canadiana Gift Basket, Hazelnut Cream Filled Wafers, Barista’s Best Cappuccino and many more