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Single Coasters - Promo Coasters


Either brushed metal with bonded leather insert or black satin desktop coaster are a

single type, they are made from solid or plated metal, the genuine leather or bonded

Brushed Silver Single Desktop Coaster

Brushed Silver

Black Satin Single Desktop Coaster

Black Satin

Brushed Brass Single Desktop Coaster

Brushed Brass

L9658 - Polished Silver Single Desktop Coaster

Polished Silver

L9654 - Polished Brass Single Desktop Coaster

Polished Brass

Brown Large Square Bonded Leather Coaster

Large Square

Black Leather Coaster

Large Round

L5661-60-3 - Brown Large Round Single Leather Coaster

Round Coasters

L651-17-1 - Smooth Leather single round coaster black

Smooth Leather

Black Round Genuine Firm Leather Coaster

Round Genuine

Black Shield Shaped Bonded Leather Coaster

Shield Shaped

L678-3 - Set of 4 Deluxe Leather Coasters

Set of 4 Leather

leather can be engraved, embossed or hot stamped, all can be satin finish or mirror

polished, they may be made round, square or custom shaped as per your design,

provided in single or set of coasters.