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At Sterling Promotions Inc., We carry many kinds of industrial products to choose from, including

Coroplast sheets, white and coloured, Lexan sheets, foam PVC, please inquire sign products including

clear acrylic, Vinyl in roll or by the yard in 24" wide.

Foam-Core sheets,

Banner material, ready made for indoor or outdoor use.


Engraved Plates, Tags and Badges:

Engraved plates:

Engraved & Imprinted Nameplates

Engraved Data Plates:

Engraved Door Plates:

Engraved Ornamental Plates:

Engraved Legend and Identification Plates:

Wall Holders and Brackets:

Wall Holders:

Wall Brackets:

Desk Holders:

Engraved Name Badges:

Economy Badges:

Visitor Badges:

Write-on Badges:

Digital Full Colour Badges:

Insert Badges:

Window Badges:

Meeting Badges:

Engraved & Imprinted Name Badges:

Metal Name Badges:

Security Badges:

Membership Cards:

Tape Slot Badges:

Custom Badges:

Custom Molded Badges:

Stock Shaped Badges:

Badge Hangers:

Engraved Tags:

Identification Tags:

Plastic Tags:

Custom Engraved Signs:

Brail and Tactile Signs:

Engraved Industrial Signage:

Engraving Material:

Engraving Plastic Colours:

Engraving Metal Colours:

Sign Holders:

Desk Holders:

Walnut Desk Holders:

Wall Holders:

Legend Plates:

Engraving Hardware & Supplies:

Badges and ID Accessories:


Sign Kits:

Custom Sign Services:

Cast Signs and Plaques:

Custom Etched Signs:

Architectural Signs:

Illuminated Sign Boxes:

Letters, Logos &Plaques:

Plastic Letters:

Metal Letters:

Metal Plaques:

Braille, ADA Engraved signs:

Logos, Custom & Stock:

Vinyl Colours:

Fonts & Type styles:

Custom Numbers and Letters:


L.C. Display Cases:


Lucite Embedment