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Sign, Prod & Supplies


At Sterling Promotions Inc., We carry many kinds of industrial products to choose from, including Coroplast sheets of all available colours, Lexan sheets, foam PVC, please inquire sign products including clear acrylic, Vinyl in roll or by the yard in 24" wide, Foam-Core sheets, banner material, ready made for indoor or outdoor use.


Engraved Plates, Tags and Badges:

Engraved plates:

Engraved & Imprinted Nameplates: Engraved 1" X 8" Plate Engraved 2" X 8" Plate


Engraved Data Plates:


Engraved Door Plates:

982-078 Rectangle Doorplate 982-079 Oval Doorplate 983-095 Nerrow Oval Doorplate 983-097 Rounded Oval

Doorplate 983-121 Rectangular with pearl

983-122 Rectangular with ribbon 983-122 Rectangular with ribbon 983-123 Oval with pearl 983-124 Rectangular

cut corners 983-125 Fantasy, Hammered

983-126 Oval fantasy doorplate 983-127 Oval with twisted edge 983-128 Oval with edging ribbon 983-129 Oval

plain doorplate 983-130 Rectangular plain doorplate-- - 983-131 Fantasy plain small


Engraved Ornamental Plates:

918-814 Rectagular Doorplate 981-159 Rectangular clear Doorplate 981-160 Rounded ends Doorplate 982-062

Narrow with fastening holes

982-066 Narrow plate with end holes 982-066 Narrow plate with end holes 982-086 Long narrow Doorplate

982-087 Rectangle Brass Doorplate

983-061 Rectangle Brass Doorplate 983-062 Rectangle Brass Doorplate 983-067 Rectangle Brass Doorplate

983-069 Fantasy Brass Doorplate

983-085 Notched ends Brass Doorplate 983-091 Oval Brass Doorplate 983-092 Rectangular cut ends Doorplate

988-167 Oval high polished Doorplate

988-167 Oval high polished Doorplate


Engraved Legend and Identification Plates:

Plastic & Metal Legend Plates


Wall Holders and Brackets:

Wall Holders:

Wall Brackets:


Desk Holders:

Desk Holders Style 25 Desk Holders Style 48 Desk Holders Style 71 (Double Sided) Desk Holders Style 97 Desk

Holders Style 55 Desk Holders Style 23

Desk Holders Style P100 Desk Holders Style 31


Engraved Name Badges:


Economy Badges:

Unimprinted Tape Slot Badges: MP-220 Stock Badge MP-226 Stock Badge MP-226 Stock Badge MP-236 Stock

Badge MP-284 Stock Badge MP-296 Stock Badge


Visitor Badges:


Write-on Badges:

EB-101 Write-on Economy EB-102 Write-on Economy EB-103 Write-on Economy EB-104 Write-on Economy

EB-105 Write-on Economy


Digital Full Colour Badges:

FC-101 Full Colour FC-102 Full Colour FC-103 Full Colour FC-104 Full Colour


Insert Badges:


Window Badges:

MP-320 Window Badge MP-346 Window Badge MP-366 Window Badge MP-370 Window Badge


Meeting Badges:

AP-102 Meeting Badge Holder AP-104 Meeting Badge Holder AC-102 Meeting Badge Holde AM-102 Meeting

Badge Holder AS-104 Meeting Badge Holder


Engraved & Imprinted Name Badges:

EN-101 Engraved Name Badge EN-102 Engraved Name Badge Imprinted & Engraved Plastic Badge 1 colour

Imprinted and Engraved Plastic Badge 2 colours

Imprinted Badge Only Metal Frame Badges


Metal Name Badges:

Elegant Brass Badges Metal Plated Badges Prestige Badges Quick Ship Metal Badges


Security Badges:


Membership Cards:


Tape Slot Badges:

MP-222, 222-2 Tape Slot Badge MP-224, 224-2 Tape Slot Badge MP-238, 238-2 Tape Slot Badge MP-266,

266-2 Tape Slot Badge MP-288, 288-2 Tape Slot Badge

MP-292, 292-2 Tape Slot Badge MP-294, 294-2 Tape Slot Badge MP-298, 298-2 Tape Slot Badge MP-372,

372-2 Tape Slot Badge MP-382, 382-2 Tape Slot Badge

MP-384, 384-2 Tape Slot Badge MP-406, 406-2 Tape Slot Badge


Custom Badges:

Custom Molded Badges:

3 sq. inch 4 sq. inch 5 sq. inch 6 sq. inch 7 sq. inch 8 sq. in. Custom Molded Badge


Stock Shaped Badges:

MP-388 Stock Shaped Badge MP-408 Stock Shaped Badge MP-410 Stock Shaped Badge MP-412 Stock Shaped Badge MP-414 Stock Shaped Badge


Badge Hangers:

AT-835 Lanyard AT-826 Retractable Badge Reel AT-824 Lanyard CT Computer Software Templates AT-822 Neck Ball Chain AT-710 Mylar Strap/Swivel Clip

AT-820 Neck Cord AT-408 Elastic Neck Cord


Engraved Tags:


Identification Tags:

Aluminum Property Tags Brass Number Tags Plastic Write On Tags Stock Metal Blanks Stock Shape Tags Tag



Plastic Tags:

Coat Checks DT-101 Door Tags LT-104 Luggage Tags Membership Cards PT-101 Parking tags Self Number

Tags MP-280-N Membership Tag


Plastic Key Tags:

MP-25 Key Tag MP-166 Key Tag MP-168 Key Tag MP-232 Key Tag


Custom Engraved Signs:


Brail and Tactile Signs:

ADA, Braille, Tactile Signs Raster method of Brail Ready made tactile signage Custom ADA Interior Signage

Aluminum Modular Frame Aluminum with Corian Back

Gravostral with Aluminum Frame


Engraved Industrial Signage:


Engraving Material:


Engraving Plastic Colours:

Wood Style Granite Styles Solid Colours


Engraving Metal Colours:


Sign Holders:


Desk Holders:

Traditional Desk Holder Luxury Desk Holder Non-Ribbed Desk Holder Two Line Desk Holder Non-Ribbed Double

Sided Counter Plate Stand Counter Plate Base


Walnut Desk Holders:


Wall Holders:

Traditional Wall Holder Luxury Ribbed Wall Holder Corridor Bracket Multiple Wall Holders Multiple Insert Wall



Legend Plates:

Plastic Legend Plates Metal Legend Plates


Engraving Hardware & Supplies:


Badges and ID Accessories:

Badge Frame Badge Magnets Badge Pins Luggage Straps Split Rings Key Tabs ID Straps


> Signs:


Sign Kits:

RMBA-2436-B RMBA-2436-W RMBA-3248-W CWA-001-2 RMBA-2436-Y RMBA-3248-B Kit CWA-002-2

CWA-003-2 Kit


Custom Sign Services:


Cast Signs and Plaques:

Custom Cast Squirrel Sign Point Mackenzie King Sign Architectural Plaques Commemoration Plaque-1

Commemoration Plaque-2 Commemoration Plaque-3

Cast Letters and Numbers Cast Bronze ADA Sign Cast Bronze ADA Sign Etched Zinc Sign Contemporary

Recognition Tree Cast Aluminum Recognition

Etched Brass Plate Bronze Identification Plaque Waterjet Cut Stainless Steel


Custom Etched Signs:


Architectural Signs:

Vinyl lettering on painted wood Solid cast brass Illuminated outdoor 2 sided free standing Screen printed outdoor

Vinyl Letterings Designer signs


Illuminated Sign Boxes:


Letters, Logos &Plaques:


Plastic Letters:

Minnesota Letters Formed Plastic Letters Laser Cut Acrylic Letters


Metal Letters:

Cast Metal Letters Waterjet & Router Cut Metal Letters Fabricated Metal Letters Mini Metal Letters


Metal Plaques:


Braille, ADA Engraved signs:


Logos, Custom & Stock:


Vinyl Colours:


Fonts & Type styles:


Custom Numbers and Letters:


> Displays:

L.C. Display Cases:

> Banners

> Lucite Embedment