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Promotional Dog Collars and Leashes - Solutions by Theme


Custom Promotional Dog Collars and Leashes, printed with your logo, are great advertising medium for all dog

clubs, dog trainers and dog food products companies also vets, we supply a variety of Hand Made Dog Collars

CL-605 - Man’s Best Friend Dog Collar

CL-605 - Dog Collar

CL-611E - Environmentally Friendly Dog Leash

CL-611E - Dog Leash

CL-611 - Dog Leash 45 inches long

CL-611 Dog Leash 45"

CL-604 - 3/8" Dog Collar

CL604 3/8" Dog Collar

CL-603 - 3/4" Dog Collar

CL603 3/4" Dog Collar

CL-602 - 3/8" Dog Leash

CL-602 - 3/8" Leash


and Leashes including the CL-605 - Man’s Best Friend Dog Collar, and CL-604 - 3/8" Dog Collar Polyester

Screen Printed also we provide Dog Harnesses