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Luggage Tags - Plaques and Trophies


Choose from our selection of custom luggage tags, personalized luggage bag tags with logo is our specialty, if

you're casual traveler or frequent flier or on the road, you need to customize your luggage tags, here you'll find a

LT4998 - Silicone Luggage Tag

Silicone Luggage Tag

BL8991 - Premium Bonded Leather Luggage Tag

Leather Luggage Tag

BL2645 - Bonded leather Luggage Tag

Leather Luggage Tag

662535P - Vinyl Luggage Tag Holder

Vinyl Tag Holder

PL1922 - Koskin Luggage Tag

Koskin Luggage Tag

LT4243 - Scuba Luggage Tag

Scuba Luggage Tag

BL1991 - Recycled Material Luggage Tag

Recycled Material Tag

BL4606 - Coloured Coloured Luggage Tag

Colored Luggage Tag

LT5998 - Silicone Luggage Tag

Silicone Luggage Tag

SL5064 - Round Luggage Tag

Round Luggage Tag

M2757 - Aluminum Luggage Tag

Aluminum Tag

BL6571-C - Tourist Luggage Tag

Tourist Luggage Tag

Standard Luggage Tag

Standard Tags

LP-LT-CUS - Custom Shape Luggage Tags

Custom Luggage Tags

Custom Genuine Leather Luggage Tag

Custom Luggage Tags


variety of leather tags or silicone tags or even metal or plastic luggage tags, also we provide vinyl tag holders and

custom printed luggage tags, one of 4 colour process, leather tags, logo can be hot stamped or embossed or

even printed with your logo 1 colour or 4 colour process such as printed standard tags or custom luggage tags.