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Nylon MD Filled


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Nylon MD Filled

Nylon MD Filled
Nylon MD is a nylon and molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) composition designed to improve the mechanical, thermal and bearing properties to type 6/6 nylon while maintaining its basic electrical and chemical characteristics.
Through compounding, finely divided particles impart extra lubricity to this nylon, permitting Nylon MD parts to operate with little or no lubrication. This makes it especially suited to applications where external lubrication is impractical, contaminating or difficult to maintain. The added lubricity also contributes dramatically to component service life, making Nylon MD a very cost-efficient choice.
Nylon MD provides non-galling and non-scratching characteristics, sound dampening qualities, insulating properties, resistance to oils, greases, most alkalies, solvents, and organic acids
Features and benefits:
When compared to unfilled Nylon, Nylon MD offers:
- Greater Wear Resistance
- Lower Surface Friction
- Higher Strength and Greater Rigidity
- Improved Dimensional Stability
-Gauges and Sheet Dimensions:
Sheet thickness Sizes Type Colours
0.062" - 4"
24 x24" & 24 x48"
MD and MD 6/6
Black & Natural