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Office Promotional Items - Solutions by Theme


20 Promotional office products for office from Sterling Promotions Inc. Choose from these promotional item for the

office, such as anti-slip holder, megaphone ampifire or touch screen pen, you may personalize a few of new style

DA6561 - Anti-Slip Electronics Holder

Anti-Slip Holder

DA4907 - Anti-Slip Electronics Stand

Anti-Slip Stand

DA8204 - Mini Megaphone Ampifire for iPhine 4

Megaphone Ampifire

GP4931-C - Indoor Waterfall Fountain

Ind. Waterfall Fountain

CU8368 - Retro Handheld Phone

Retro Handheld Phone

G9273 - Bouncing Ball

Bouncing Ball

E3616 - Lunch Bag

E3616 - Lunch Bag

PE8373 - Stylus Touch Screen Pen

Touch Screen Pen

CB847 - Stash Saver Cooler Chair

Stash Cooler Chair

M822-C - Aluminum Clip-Board Calculator

Clip-Board Calculator

4 Colour Process Clip Boards

4 Colour Clip Boards

V7397 - Promotional Sun Visor

Promotional Sun Visor

E3617N - Cotton Lunch Bag - Natural

Cotton Lunch Bag

JS6569 - JETSETT Laptop Backpack

Laptop Backpack

P8622 - Stadium Clear Drawstring Bag

Clear Drawstring Bag

N7297 - Conference Sling Pouch

Sling Pouch

FL9127 - Snowbud

FL9127 - Snowbud

DA5203-C - Mini Megaphone Amplifire for IPhone 5

Mini Megaphone

KN8664 - Stadium Clear Vinyl Backpack

Clear Vinyl Backpack

TO6379 - The Stadium Clear Vinyl Tote

Clear Vinyl Tote

Clear Drawstring Bags, the Clear Vinyl Backpack or Clear Vinyl Totes where you Get through stadium security

with this clear bag Perfect for sports fans visiting venues, Stash Cooler Chair comes in handy for the event or

keep in your office a Mini Megaphone, it is soft and flexible silicone, works with various sized phones, speaker

sound is amplified the old-fashioned way without any batteries also serves as a stand, lightweight, and portable