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Rectagular Doorplate

918-814 Doorplate

Rectangular clear Doorplate

981-159 Clear Doorplate

Rounded ends Doorplate

981-160 Rounded Ends

Narrow with fastening holes

982-062 Narrow Plate

Narrow plate with end holes

982-066 Narrow Plate

Long narrow Doorplate

982-086 Long Narrow

Rectangle Brass Doorplate

982-087 Brass Doorplate

Rectangle Brass Doorplate

983-061 Brass Doorplate

Rectangle Brass Doorplate

983-062 Brass Doorplate

Rectangle Brass Doorplate

983-067 Brass Doorplate

Fantasy Brass Doorplate

983-069 Fantasy Brass

Notched ends Brass Doorplate

983-085 Notched Ends

Oval Brass Doorplate

983-091 Oval Brass

Rectangular cut ends Doorplate

983-092 Cut Ends

Oval high polished Doorplate

988-167 Oval Polished