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Promo Pewter Gift Ideas


Looking for exquisite pewter gift ideas, look no further at Sterling Promotion, custom

crafted pewter products that blends together, style and functionality, these unique

Imprinted Purse Mirror

Purse Mirror

Custom inspire Rings

inspire Rings

Inspirational Bracelet

Inspire Bracelet

Jingle Bell with Custom Dangler

Custom Dangler

Jingle Bell with digi-cal

Bell/w Digi-Cals

PK-OPK-001 - Bottleneck Hanger

Bottle Hangers

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items can be personalized with your logo such as the jingle bell with custom dangler

the BL-DGL-01 or BL-DCL-01 - crafted bells decorated with digi-cal or PK-OPK-001

bottleneck hanger that can be adhered to a plastic sleeve or small gift box.