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Plastic Card Holders - Promo Items-2


Shop our selection of Custom Plastic Card Holders, Card Holders with Key-ring, Thin Card Holders that can be

screen printed or pad printed with your logo in one colour or digital printing, Plastic Card Holder with one tap or

10450 - Card Holder, 1 Tap

10450 - Holder 1 Tab

10453 Card holder, 2 tabs

10453 - Holder 2 Tab

10454BC - White Card Holder with Key-ring

10454BC - /w/ Ring

10454CR - Clear Card Holder with Key-ring

10454CR - /w/ Ring

10455 Card holder with clear top

10455 - Clear Top

10457 Card holder, for two cards

10457 Holder 2 Cards

10458 Thin card holder

10458 - Thin Holder

10461 Vertical thin card holder

10461 - Thin Holder

10462 - Translucent card holder, 1 tab

10462 - Translucent

10464 RFID shielded card holder

10464 Shielded Holder

10465 - Rfid Shielded Thin Card Holder

10465 - Rfid Shielded

10466 - RFID Shielded Card Holder for 2 Cards

10466 - RFID Shielded

10468 - Thin Card Holder with Clip

10468 - Thin Card

SW-100 - Swipe Guards

SW-100 Swipe Guards

SW-PP - Identity Theft Guard Sleeves Passport Size

PP - Identity Guard

SW-THEFT - Identity Theft Guard Sleeves Credit Card Size

SW-THEFT - Sleeves

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two taps, also Translucent card holder , also RFID Shielded holder, select the Plastic Card Holder that

you see fit your design from these Holders with Swipe Guards, Identity Guard Cards, Armoured protection against

credit card and passport identity theft!. Thieves have long distance readers waiting to steal sensitive data from

your credit card and passport for fraudulent transactions and identity theft.