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Custom Policy Signs - Engraving & Signs


An attractive and elegant way to get your messages across. Gold printing on black .040 plastic and containing a

printed gold border to give it a finish look, for indoor use only. Size: 5.5 X 7 inches



Policy Signs
Policy Signs

BPS-001: No Refund Or Exchange On Sale Merchandise

BPS-002: All Shoplifters will be Prosecuted (Not illustrated)

BPS-003: No Refund Exchange Only

BPS-004: Use Our Convient Lay Away Plan A Small Deposit Will Hold Your Selection

BPS-005: Warning Premises Monitored by CCTV... (Not illustrated)

BPS-006: No Refund Or Exchange

BPS-007: We Will Gladly Exchange Or Credit Returns Sorry No Cash Refunds

BPS-008: No Refund After 7 Days On Regular Priced Merchandise Exchange Or Credit Made Only

BPS-009: No Food or Drink Please (Not illustrated)

BPS-010: No Cheques Accepted

BPS-012: Gift Certificates Available

BPS-013: Employees Only (Not illustrated)

BPS-014: Please Be Advised That We Do Not Accept $50.00 & $100.00 Bills We Apologize For Any Inconvience

BPS-015: Only 3 Items May Be Taken Into The Fitting Room

BPS-016: Please Turn off Cell Phones and Pagers Not illustrated

BPS-017: Restricted Area Authorized Personel. Not illustrated

Model Number Each
BPS-001 - BPS-012 Policy Signs 4.99
BPS-013 - BPS-017 Policy Signs 6.95