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Premask Roll


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Premask Roll
Premask Roll

Premask and Application Tapes, 2001 LOW, 2001 MEDIUM, AND 2001 HIGH
Unique premium heavyweight saturated paper backing with custom formulated latex P/S adhesives for transfer or installation of computer cut or screen printed P/S adhesive vinyl. Also recommended where long term storage of premasked decals is required. Excellent in wet applications. Works like a charm with less application fluid. Results: less mess, quicker drying time and easier immediate release.
Tape Thickness PSTC-33 (mils):
Adhesion to Steel
PSTC-101 (180°, oz./in.):
-2001 Low - 11 Low
-2001 Medium - 13 Medium
-2001 High - 16 High
Tensile Strength
PSTC-31 (lbs./in.):
-2001 Low - 18
-2001 Medium - 18
-2001 Low - 18
Transferrite Clear Premask - 100 yd
This unique clear application tape features a custom formulated adhesive for decal transfer and pre-spacing. It is ideal for jobs requiring precise registration for multiple color overlays.
Qty/Product Each Roll
RM-PRE Rite-Application Transfer Premask Tape 48" wide
RTransferrite Clear Premask - 100 yd
-Prices are subject to change without notice.