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Item # 24 of 48 from quality promo gift giveaways, they're personalized with a design

of your choice, these items can be customized or printed label added on the product

T760 - Hover Soccer Ball

Hover Ball

K489 - Reflective Slap Wristband


H681 - First Aid Travel Kit-13 Piece

First Aid Kits

T924 - 4-Port USB Hub


T851 - LED Light Up Yo-Yos

Light Up Yo-Yos

A4072 - The San Michele Purse Holder

Purse Holders

P123 - The Aurora Light Up Stylus Pen

Light Up Pens

T387 - The Eleganti Flashlight Pen

Flashlight Pen

H903 - Accessory Pouch


S625 - The 22 oz. Power Shaker

Power Shakers

J730 - The Kailua Canteen

Kailua Canteen

H-120 - Jump Rope

Jump Ropes

S632 - 6 Quart Ice Bucket Large

Ice Buckets

K278 - Credit Card Bottle Opener

Bottle Openers

J633 - Translucent Riviera Sunglasses


S900 - The Chill Stainless Steel Ice Martini Cup

Ice Martini Cup

K296 - Bartender's Elite Bottle Opener

Bottle Openers

S840 - The Barista Mug

Barista Mugs

T-950 - Emergency Night Light

Night Lights

T401 - Plastic Light Pen

Light Pens

T701 - Car Vent Mobile Stand

Car Vent Stand

T102 - Route 66 Magnetic Phone Holder

Phone Holders

T362 - Universal Phone Stand

Phone Stands

T963 - Magneto Vent Phone Holder

Phone Holders
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