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When it comes to holiday gift items or custom seasonal products, you can count on Sterling Promotions for doing

and delivering quality personalized items, each seasonal gift to promote and showcase your product line and logo

New Holiday Products

New Holiday Products

Christmas Items

Christmas Season

Winter Accessories

Winter Accessories

Headwear, Beanies

Headwear, Beanies

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on each item, take for example, Christmas Season where you'll find variety of products like Fleece Hats, Toques,

Felt Stockings, and Fleece Mitts and hats, as for Winter Accessories, you may use Telescoping Brushes, Ice mitt

Scrapers, or even Power Stations, also custom printed or embroidered Headwear as from this selection of Pom

Beanies, Embroidered Beanies, Knit Beanies or Cuff Beanies.