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Promotional Snack Packs - Printed Products

SP-SKIT - 1/2oz. Snack Packs - Skittles

SP-SKIT - 1/2oz. Pack

WB1 - 1 oz. Wrapper Bar

WB1-1oz Wrapper Bar

SP-SMN - 1/2oz. Snack Packs - Starzmania

SP-SMN - 1/2oz. Pack

SP-BMT - 1/2oz. Snack Packs - Buttermints

SP-BMT - 1/2oz. Pack

SP-MMP - 1/2oz. Snack Packs - Milk Chocolate Mini Pretzels

SP-MMP - 1/2oz. Pack

GB70-JBEL - Jelly Bean Machine

GB70-JBEL - Machine

WB-1-3 - 1-3 oz Wrapper Bar

WB-1-3 - Wrapper Bar

CL200 - Custom Chocolate Coin

CL200 - Custom Coin

GGT - NEW - Gourmet Gift Tub

GGT - NEW - Gift Tub

NUGO - NuGo Bar® Nutrition Bars

NUGO - Nutrition Bars

CLIF - Clif Bar® Energy Bar

CLIF - Energy Bar

IPHONE - Chocolate Shape-IPhone

IPHONE Chocolate

Design your own Promotional Snack Packs, they are customized with your logo, the Individual Snack Packs,

Nutrition Bars and Energy Bars, are nice treat to your customers, your clients will remember your gifts, our

selection including Wrapper Bars, Custom Coins, Nutrition Bars, Energy Bar and IPHONE Chocolate bars where

the cello wrapped, 4 oz. cell phone shape molded chocolate is a cheaper and tastier alternative.