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Signs, Numbers and Letters - Custom Sign Services


All individual Signs, Numbers and Letters are custom made to your specifications, every Custom Letter and

Numbers for Signs either 3D molded Plastic Letters for use on an exterior Building wall made out of plastic or

3D Plastic Letters

3D Plastic Letters

Acrylic Cutout Letter with Reverse Print

Acrylic Letter Reverse

Tactile letters sizes

Tactile Letters Size

Acrylic/ACM Cutout Letter

Acrylic/ACM Letter

Acrylic Letter Front Illuminated with Halo

Front Illuminated Halo

Acrylic Letter Side Illuminated with Halo

Side Illuminated Halo


metal Sign Letters can be painted or anodized aluminum or Acrylic Letter Front Illuminated with Halo or Acrylic

Letter Side Illuminated. At Sterling Promotions Inc., we custom cut tactile letters as thin as 0.030" in variety of

colours including gold, blue and black.