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Engraved Plates


Brass Door Plates


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Rectangle Doorplate

Rectangle Doorplate

Oval Doorplate

982-079 Oval Doorplate

983-095 Brass Doorplate

Nerrow Oval Doorplate

Rounded Oval Doorplate

Rounded Oval Doorplate

983-121 Brass Doorplate

Rectangular with Pearl

983-122 Brass Doorplate

Rectangular with Ribbon

983-123 Oval with Pearl

983-123 Oval with Pearl

983-124 Brass Doorplate

Rectangular Cut Corners

983-125 Brass Doorplate

Fantasy, Hammered

983-126 Brass Doorplate

Oval Fantasy Doorplate

983-127 Brass Doorplate

Oval with Twisted Edge

983-128 Brass Doorplate

Oval with Edging Ribbon

983-129 Brass Doorplate

Oval Plain Doorplate

983-130 Brass Doorplate

Rectangular Plain Plate

983-131 Brass Doorplate

Fantasy Plain Small

983-132 Brass Doorplate

Fantasy Plain Large
For small ornamental plates please go HERE