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Brand Name Promotional Items


We provide all types of Brand Name Promotional Items, such as Take-Me -Away Tote by Mia, Brand Name

Products and Printed Name Brand items as the Pizza Boss 3000 Cutter, Designed by Liz Dubois or Shimmer


GFT5304 - Bella Mia Serenity Gift Set

Serenity Gift Set

Oval Clip-On Pedometer/Clock


LT10 - Lighter in Black Tin

Lighter in Black Tin

WM4204 - Mia Mini Sparkle Stylus Keychain

Stylus Keychain

WM2355 - Shimmer Stylus Ballpoint by Mia

Stylus Ballpoint

FC4003 - Springfield Lunch Box

Springfield Lunch Box

FTC12 - FINAL TOUCH Ice Bottle Chiller

Ice Bottle Chiller

Pizza Boss 3000

Pizza Boss Cutter

GMP110 - Yarai Mixing Pitcher with Hawthorne Strainer

Yarai Mixing Pitcher

MB87857 - MoMA X-Magnetic Card Case

Magnetic Card Case

Macaroon Earbud Holder Key Ring

Holder Key Ring

Beauty Lip Pen

Beauty Lip Pen

CS929 - Translucent Solar Bubble Pedometer

Solar Pedometer

BMA3668-AP - Chrome Metal Business Card Holder (Apple)

Business Card Holder

MK833 - MoMA Magnetic Keyholder

Magnetic Keyholder

MK278 - MoMA Pull Down Keyholder

Pull Down Keyholder

UQ3168 - Delta Stylus Pen with Cleaner

Pen with Cleaner

World Credit Card Case

Credit Card Case

FTA1831 - FINAL TOUCH Glass Cocktail Shaker

Glass Cocktail Shaker

Mini Mode Pedometer

Mini Mode Pedometer

BMA3503 - LCD Digital Timer

LCD Digital Timer

PF0001 - The Curve Photo Frame 4" x 6"

Photo Frame 4" x 6"

JW86 - Get-in-Step Color Stopwatch

Color Stopwatch

Take-Me -Away Tote by Mia

Take-Me -Away Tote

Sports Rubber Binoculars

Rubber Binoculars

Fun Color Pedometer

Fun Color Pedometer

MP024 - Pocket Flag Buddy

Pocket Flag Buddy

BMA618 - Tire Desktop Clock

Tire Desktop Clock

TROIKA Fresh Wind

TROIKA Fresh Wind

KC1703 - KIKKERLAND Hour Glass Desk Clock

Glass Desk Clock

BMA2014 - High Heel Shoe Phone/Tablet Stand

Phone/Tablet Stand

BMA6377 - Strip Crystal Keychain

Strip Crystal Keychain

Ballpoint by Mia Just to name a few, also we provide customized Products with your logo, including Pedometers,

Lunch Boxes, Card Cases. Our Printed Brand Name Products are diverse you can choose from Key holders or

Binoculars and all types of Name Brand Products from Bella Mia and others.