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Corporate Items


UQ4124 - Tech Clip Tablet/Phone Stand

Clip Tablet/Phone Stand

MB0712 - 3 slots, 9-business-cards

3 slots, 9-business-cards

DH0103 - Zip-It Travel Pocket Portfolio

Travel Pocket Portfolio

BC-115 - Two-tone Business Card Case

Two-tone Card Case

UQ4108 - Hollywood Selfie Pole

Hollywood Selfie Pole

KBA58 - KIKKERLAND Camping Flask Set

Camping Flask Set

UQ4199 - Jellybean Earbuds

Jellybean Earbuds

US3702 - Neptune Tech Cleaning Cloth

Tech Cleaning Cloth

US84 - 2.0 Pocket-Sized 4-Port Hub

Pocket-Sized 4-Port Hub

MC2585 - MoMA 4in-1 Twist Clock

MoMA 4in-1 Twist Clock

MCL2299 - MoMA Cubes Perpetual Calendar

Perpetual Calendar

KTL502W - KIKKERLAND Wood Hammer Multi-tool

Wood Hammer Multi-tool

VC76 - Desk Clock with Silver Metal Columns

Desk Clock Metal

Compact Travel Tool

Compact Travel Tool

KCP507 - KIKKERLAND Lensatic Compass

Lensatic Compass

KUS039 - KIKKERLAND iBed Lap Desk

iBed Lap Desk

FFMA0421 - FRED & FRIENDS Pumped Up, device stand

Pumped Up Device Stand

FFM2340 - FRED & FRIENDS Selfie Pocket Mirror

Selfie Pocket Mirror

KMG660 - KIKKERLAND Putter Cup Golf Mug

Putter Cup Golf Mug

FFM1794 - FRED & FRIENDS Poker Face

Poker Face Playing cards

KKT18 - KIKKERLAND Penguin Kitchen Timer

Penguin Kitchen Timer

MCL2286 - MoMA Sliding Perpetual Calendar

Sliding Perpetual Cal

KBA59 - KIKKERLAND Shot Glasses

Shot Glasses

XP3746 - Xoopar Cable Pen

Xoopar Cable Pen

XP4129 - Xoopar Itrio 3-In-1 Laser Pen

Itrio 3-In-1 Laser Pen

UQ3126 - Gamma Phone Stand with Stylus/Cleaner

Stand with Stylus/Cleaner

KIKKERLAND Fish Corkscrew

Fish Corkscrew

US2701 - Galaxy Screen Cleaning Cloth

Screen Cleaning Cloth

1080-SPT - High Definition Digital Video Camcorder

Digital Video Camera

PB4706 - Phone Holder Stylus Pen

Phone Holder Stylus Pen

Travel Adapter

Travel Adapter

MB4110 - Snap It Mobile Wallet and Stand

Mobile Wallet and Stand

MCL81 - MoMA Click Ball Perpetual Calendar

Perpetual Calendar

Round Maze Clock

Round Maze Clock

MK831 - MoMA Aluminum Cable Keychain

Aluminum Cable Keychain

MB4101 - Techie Organizer

Techie Organizer
Find the perfect printed corporate giveaway items for business branding or employee appreciation including Printed Screen Cleaning Cloth, Travel Adapter, iBed Lap, Desk, Selfie Pocket Mirror, Mobile Wallet and Stand, Techie Organizer and much more!