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Personal Comfort Promo Products - Solutions by Theme


Make these Personal Comfort Promotional Products part of your health and wiliness items that your clients will

use them regularly, these Personal Care Products are useful, not only as advertising medium but they are items

YM8908 - SVANASANA Yoga Block

Yoga practice Block

Large Neoprene Slippers

Neoprene Slippers

PC8850 - ALPINIST Picnic Basket

Picnic Basket

Playing Card Holder

Playing Card Holder

Non-Slip Car Mat

Non-Slip Car Mat

Phone Stand

Phone Stand

CU2002 - Portable Charging Kit

Portable Charging Kit

Daily Date Wall Calendar Board

Date Wall Calendar

SG9001 - SANDY BANKS Soft-Tone Sunglasses

Soft-Tone Sunglasses



CU8976 - Neckband Wireless Sports Earphones

Wireless Earphones

WB9250 - GREAT LAKES 1.25 Litre (42 OZ.) Water Jug

1.25 Litre Water Jug

DA8810 - The WISCONSIN 250 ML. (8 OZ.) Milk Carton

(8 OZ.) Milk Carton

P8964 - FALLEG Toiletry Bag

FALLEG Toiletry Bag

CB8965 - CEAPE Large Cooler Duffel

Large Cooler Duffel

MT8867 - Hook-A-Tach Swivel

Hook-A-Tach Swivel

Shoe Bag Natural

Shoe Bag Natural



CU8978 - Dynamic Headphones

Dynamic Headphones

CU8984 - Touch Screen Gloves

Touch Screen Gloves

3 LED Telescopic Flashlight

Telescopic Flashlight

YM9068 - SEABREEZY Cooling Towel

Cooling Towel

CP8922 - TRURO Auto Dashboard Anti-Slip Phone Holder

Anti-Slip Phone Holder

P8988 - Tidy Techer

P8988 - Tidy Techer

P645M - PUERTOCASH Running/Travel Belt - Medium

Running Belt - Medium

P9323 - PORTLAND Bike Pouch

Bike Pouch

Felt Business/Laptop Bag

Felt Laptop Bag

V1815 - Vinyl Rain Poncho

Vinyl Rain Poncho

that people use as Personal Care Products including Yoga practice Block, it offers many uses in your yoga

practice or Running Belt, it is Double layered Lycra extremely flexible material to fit small-medium frames. Main

compartment on the belt, also the Toiletry Bag it is Great for travel or everyday use Carry makeup, shaving tools

and other toiletry items and many more items to choose from for your Personal Comfort.