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Barware Glass - Promo Drinkware


Smoke Dof 13oz Glass or Clear Dof 13oz Glass are printed with one colour logo as an example of the type of the

Barware Glass and crystal or the Whiskey Glass, this collection can be imprinted and kept as an addition to your

G0628SM - Smoke Dof 13oz Glass

Smoke Dof 13oz Glass

G0628CL - Clear Dof 13oz glass

Clear Dof 13oz Glass

Curved Base 11oz Dof Clear Glass

Curved Base Glass

G8110CL - Mocha mug 14oz clear glass

Mocha Glass Mug

Tumbler 12oz heavy base clear glass

Tumbler Heavy Base

Columbia Mug 10oz Clear Glass

Columbia Mug Clear

Ava 14oz Mug Clear Glass

Ava - 14oz Mug Glass

Stemless Flute 8.5oz Clear Glass

Stemless Flute 8.5oz

G8715CL - Hush Bubble Whiskey 10.75oz glass

Hush Bubble Glass


Promo Drinkware collection, including Smoke Dof 13oz Glass, Imprint area in/outboard, Curved Base Glass with

screen print / decal and Stemless Flute, Imprint area wraparound also Hush Bubble Glass, Unique bubble feature

in base of glass. Materials: glass.