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New Products

 -Promotional Molded Plastics

Taster Spoons

Taster Spoons

Plastic Cutlery

Plastic Cutlery

Food Picks

Food Picks

Food Picks and Cocktail Sticks

Picks & Cocktail Sticks

Non-Imprintable Picks and Sticks

Non-Imprintable Picks

Stirrers & Stir Sticks

Stirrers and Stir Sticks

Flying Discs

Flying Discs

Utility Containers

Utility Containers

Food Services

Food Service

Mermaid Swizzle Stick

Stir/Swizzle Sticks

Custom Cookie Cutters

Cookie Cutters

Plastic Custom-imprintables

Custom Imprintables

At Sterling Promotions Inc., we provide all types of printed promotional Molded Plastics from ready to ship stock

items or molded according to your design, printed and branded with your logo or inscription, in one or multi

colours, items including Taster Spoons, Plastic Cutlery, Food Picks, Stirrers and Stir Sticks, Flying Discs, Utility

Containers and Custom Cookie Cutters.

Please inquire!