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Stock Aprons - Textile Products


All Stock Aprons or Stock Waist Aprons or personalize the Triple Pocket Apron, with Matching trim and ties

(Each side tie is 20" long) the stock Adjustable Apron, is Hemmed around bottom tape trim up sides and into

SWA-1 - Stock Waist Apron

SWA-1 - Stock Waist

SBA-1 - Stock Basic Apron

SBA-1 - Stock Basic

Stock Triple Pocket

STPA-1-Triple Pocket

SADJ-1 - Stock Adjustable Apron

SAD Adjustable Apron

SADJP-1 - Stock Adjustable Pocket Apron

SADJP1Pocket Apron

SDA-1 - Stock Deluxe Apron

SDA-1 - Deluxe Apron

SFA-1 - Stock Short Bistro Apron

SF Short Bistro Apron

SCA-1 - Stock Cobbler Apron

SCA-1 - Cobbler Apron

SLFA-1 - Stock Long Bistro Apron

SLFA-1 - Long Bistro

SVDA-1 - Stock V-Neck Deluxe Apron

SVDA - V-Neck Deluxe

SUSA -1 - Stock Ultimate Server Apron

SUSA Ultimate Server

SEA -1 - Stock Economy Apron

SEA1 Economy Apron

ties and the stock adjustable apron with adjustable d-ring neck strap blank without print or customized. As for

the stock deluxe aprons it is standard 14" x 7" double front pocket, 7 oz. 65/35 polycotton