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Multiwall Sheets


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VEROLITE Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets
VEROLITE Multiwall Polycarbonate sheets

Verolite is a multiwall polycarbonate sheet that is ideal for glazing applications Verolite sheet offers high impact strength, high light transmission, and thermal insulation. It is virtually unbreakable in a range of applications, and offers excellent UV protection.
Why Choose Verolite?
- Offers high quality glazing for greenhouses, conservatories, stadiums, walkways, canopies, and overhead glazing.
- It is available in clear twin wall 6mm thick 4' x 8'.
-Verolite sheet offers high impact strength, high light transmission, and a range of thermal insulation.
- Anti-condensate grades are available
- Virtually unbreakable in a range of applications.
- Clear, low haze performance permits design for light
- Excellent UV protection.
- Greenhouses
- Conservatories
- Stadium
- Walkways
- Canopies
- Overhead Glazing