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RMF-2436-D Deli Board

RMF-D - Deli Board

RMV-2436-B - Bread Board

RMV-B - Bread

RMF-2436-DES - Desert Board

RMF-DES - Desert

RMV-2436-FV - Fruit & Vegetables

FV-Fruit Vegetable

RMV-2436-FF - Fast Food

2436-FF - Fast Food

RMV-2436-SF - Seafood

RMV-SF - Seafood

RMF & RMV - Food Boards


Distinct look, food group specific, the image you want to project. 3/8 in. sturdy wood board with colorful food print,

printed wooden look border, no grid lines, single sided and hanging slots in the back for easy wall mounting.

Indoor use only, one size 24 x 36 inches.

RMF-2436-D Deli Board

RMV-2436-B Bread Board

RMF-2436-DES Desert Board

RMV-2436-FV Fruit & Vegetables

RMF-2436-FF Fast Food

RMV-2436-SF Seafood

Product Each
RMF & RMV - Food Boards - Any of above styles 69.95