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Food Board Signs - Engraving & Signs


Food Board Signs and Write-on Menu Boards has a distinct look, food group specific, the image you want to

project. 3/8 in. sturdy wood board with, colorful food print, these Food Board Signs are printed wooden look

RMF-2436-D Deli Board

RMF-D - Deli Board

RMV-2436-B - Bread Board

RMV-B - Bread

RMF-2436-DES - Desert Board

RMF-DES - Desert

RMV-2436-FV - Fruit & Vegetables

FV-Fruit Vegetable

RMV-2436-FF - Fast Food

2436-FF - Fast Food

RMV-2436-SF - Seafood

RMV-SF - Seafood

RMF & RMV - Food Boards


border, no grid lines, single sided complete hanging slots in the back for easy wall mounting, Deli Board, Bread

Board, Desert Board, Fruit & Vegetables Board, Fast Food Board and Seafood Board, these boards are for

Indoor use only, one standard size 24 x 36 inches.

RMF-2436-D Deli Board

RMV-2436-B Bread Board

RMF-2436-DES Desert Board

RMV-2436-FV Fruit & Vegetables Board

RMF-2436-FF Fast Food Board

RMV-2436-SF Seafood Board

Product Each
RMF & RMV - Food Boards - Any of above styles 69.95