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Personal Protection Products

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These Custom Personal Protection Supplies including printed face masks are

intended for retail and corporate plant employees to use to prevent the spread of..

PP-KIT1234BK - Personal Protection Kit

2 pcs Personal Protection Cotton Mask Kit

Personal Protection Kit with 2pcs adult size

cotton mask, black. Kit includes: 2pcs style

PPF1234BK, black colour...

PPE0001CL-Blank - Protective Counter Shield

Counter Style Clear Acrylic Protective Shield

Protective Counter Shield, acrylic plexi, clear

Blank. Made In Canada, added layer of

protection for employers, workers...

PPE0030CL-Blank - Reuseable Face Shield

Reusable Adjustable Clear Plastic Face Shield

Reusable Face Shield, clear, blank, reuseable

face shield, clear 0.12 PETG Tech Sheet,

adjustable plastic head frame...

Citronella scented Candle

Personalized Citronella Wax Fill Scented Candle

Happy Camper Candle, enamel mug w/SS rim red

with Citronella wax fill classic ENAMEL coated mug

contrasting white interior stainless steel rolled...

PPE0020WH - Eco-Disposable Face Sheld

Eco-Disposable Blank Headband Face Sheld

Eco-Disposable Face Sheld, Paperboard,

White - Blank. Eco-disposable face shield

Paperboard - virgin fiber SBS...

Youth Size Fashion Face Mask

Youth Size Adjustable Fashion Face Mask

Youth Size Fashion Face Mask with Adjusters,

Blank with adjusters, 100% Cotton 2 layer, Beacon

Grey non-medical, fashion face mask Made with...

Happy Camper 'Citronella' Scented Candle

Happy Camper Citronella Scented Candle

Happy Camper 'Citronella' Scented Candle,

enamel mug w/SS rim cobalt with Citronella wax

fill, classic ENAMEL coated mug contrasting...

3 Layer Mask - PPF5234BK

3 Layer with Poly Filter Cotton Face Mask

3 Layer Face Mask with adjusters/nose clip,

blank, adult size fashion mask black cotton

with Polypropylene filter. Adj straps...

PPF1255WH-C - Sublimated Fashion Face Mask

No Imprint 2 Layer Fashion Face Mask

No Print Fashion Face Mask, 100% Polyester,

2 layer, adult size - Custom Direct Import,

non-medical, fashion face mask...

PPF2234-C - Fashion Face Mask with Adjusters

Cotton 2 Layer Fashion Face Mask w/ Adjusters

Fashion Face Mask with Adjusters, 100%

Cotton, 2 layer, - Custom Direct Import

non-medical, fashion face mask...

PPF1234BK-DEC - Adult Size Fashion Face Mask

Logo Personalized Adult Fashion Face Mask

Adult Size Fashion Face Mask, 100% Cotton,

2 layer, black Heat, Transfer, non medical

fashion face mask. Made with...

PF1255WH-SUB - Sublimated Fashion Face Mask

Sublimated Fashion Polyester Face Mask

Sublimated fashion face Mask 100% Polyester

2 layer adult size In-house printing non medical

fashion face mask. Made...

Covid-19, all items can be branded with logo and providers information including

items such as makes, sanitizers, face shields

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