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Personal Protection Products

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These Custom Personal Protection Supplies including printed face masks are

intended for retail and corporate plant employees to use to prevent the spread of..

PP-KIT1234BK - Personal Protection Kit

Protection Kit

PPE0001CL-Blank - Protective Counter Shield

Counter Shield

PPE0030CL-Blank - Reuseable Face Shield

Face Shield

PPE0020WH-SP - Eco-Disposable Face Sheld

Disposable Sheld

PPE0020WH - Eco-Disposable Face Sheld

Eco Face Sheld

PPE0232AM-DP - Hand Sanitizer 500ml

Hand Sanitizer

PPE0232AM-GL1 - Hand Sanitizer 500ml Generic Label

Generic Label

3 Layer Mask - PPF5234BK

3 Layer Mask

PPF1255WH-C - Sublimated Fashion Face Mask

Fashion Mask

PPF2234-C - Fashion Face Mask with Adjusters

Protection Kit

PPF1234BK-DEC - Adult Size Fashion Face Mask

Adult Size Mask

PF1255WH-SUB - Sublimated Fashion Face Mask

Sublimated Mask

Promo Products


Covid-19, all items can be branded with logo and providers information including

items such as makes, sanitizers, face shields

Jul 28/22