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New Products

New Promotional Items

Promotional and Printed Products

We're always on the lookout for new Recent Items for our clients, including printed

products such as calendars, note pads, gift and membership cards, trophies awards

Custom Promotional and Printed Products, Displays and Signs for over 34 years 

OR2915 - Wireless Power Bank

Wireless Power Banks

Shop Wireless Charging Power Banks with both

OCTOFORCE 2.0™ 8000 MAH Charge and Bytech®

Universal Dual Power Bank 10000 mAh also UL...

KNEADO Handheld Massager

Personalized Handheld Massagers

Handheld massagers are your very own personal

gadget, Comes with 4 interchangeable head

attachments and some without, all models...

PPE and Safety Items

PPE and Safety Items

Personal protective equipment PPE protects you

Including gloves, gowns, shoe covers, head covers,

masks, eye protection, face shields, and goggles...


EL208 - Business Travel Accessories

Business Travel Accessories

These Business Travel Accessories include a

Universal Travel Adapter, Desktop Mobile Radio,

Boompods™ Boomtag, Magnetic Wireless...


Personalized Safety Products

Personalized Safety Products

Custom Personalized Safety Products, Logo

printed Ensure you and your brand is seen with

this safety items such as Hard Hats, Mechanic...


Home and Garden Promotional Items

Home and Garden Promotional Items

In addition to home Promotional products garden

items can be a great addition to your collection

for the garden. Here are some recent products...

Credit Card Entrapment

Clear Acrylic Credit Card Entrapments

This clear acrylic frame is held together with small,

but powerful magnets. Printed Card Entrapment

and Laser Card Entrapment Insert your credit credit

card or any other card. Available with frosted...

Fitness and Health Items

Fitness and Health Promotional Items

Life Style Items

Lifestyle Promotional Products

Media Walls

Media Wall Display Stands

Sports Promot Items

Sports Promotional Items

Custom Glassware

Custom Printed Promotional Glassware

Sublimation  Drinkware

Custom Color Sublimation Drinkware

Display Furniture

MODify™ Retail Display Furniture

Custom Retail Store Displays

Custom Retail Store Showroom Displays

Wireless Chargers

Wireless Chargers Pads and Phone Stands


financial tombstones, geometric, logo, block, assorted and specialty shapes hand

carved ice look, interior building signs, key tags, letter openers, maple leafs and

stars, obelisk awards, oval teardrops and domes,point-of-purchase P.O.P rectilinear

blocks, tower awards, wall plaques, wedges and cubes. Please inquire!