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12 Promotional Lifestyle Products - Promotional Products


These custom Promotional Products from Sterling Promotions Inc., including Cooling Towels, Paddle, Ball Set

including Cooling Bandanas, Promotional Lifestyle Reflective Bands, also Snack Sack or Rain Poncho or Cooling

CH710 - Very Kool Cooling Towel

H710 - Cooling Towels

CH361 - Dog Waste Bag Dispenser

H361- Bag Dispenser

CH360 - Friendship Bracelet With Tag

H360 - Bracelet/w/Tag

CT-833 - Rain Poncho Ball

T-833 - Rain Poncho

H228 - Malibu Paddle Ball Set

H228 - Paddle Ball Set

CK-485 - Reflective Wrist Band

K485 - Reflective Band

K917 - Neoprene Wine Bottle Holder

K917 - Bottle Holder

K931 - The Orion Knife Sharpener by Galactic Gourmet

K931 Knife Sharpener

T492 - Snack Sack

T492 - Snack Sack

A1795 - Wine Stopper

A1795 - Wine Stopper

K932 - The Andromeda Knife Sharpener

K932 Knife Sharpener

CH-713 - Very Kool Cooling Bandana

713 Cooling Bandana
 General Information

Bandanas, The Very Kool Cooling Bandana is a triangle-shaped evaporative Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) cooling

bandana. Just Wet, Wring, & Wearthe evaporation process provides a cooling effect when worn. we are 1st class

product and service company with over 30 years in business, let's take your business to the next level with our

Lifestyle Promotional Products.