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Magnetic Memo Boards

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Personalized magnetic memo boards are made out of laminated cardboard on top of

a flexible magnetic sheeting, your logo will be in view of your customers, printed in..

FMB9-020-4CP - .020 Full Magnetic Back Memo Boards

Magnetic Back

FMB1 - Memo Boards 1 Colour Imprint

FMB1 - 1 Colour

FMB4CP - High Resolution Imprint

FMB-4CP print

FMB7 - Memo Boards 2 Colour Imprint

FMB7 - 2 Colour

Full Magnetic Back Memo Boards - FMB4-020-4CP

Memo Boards

FMB - Memo Boards 3 Colour Imprint

FMB3 - Board

FMB - Memo Boards 4 Colour Imprint

4 Color Boards

Magnetic Back Memo Boards - FMB5-020-4CP

Magnetic Back

Promo Products


full colour they are cardboard or 100% magnetic styles and are available with an

erasable pen and a choice of pen holder. such as item TMG-2 - Mag Boards, it is

made out of white plastic clip and attachment included and item SIG01 Mag Memo

allow messages to be written and wiped off time and time again with Magnetic strips

on back hold board and damp-erase pen firmly in place.

Aug 07/22