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Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - Protection Equipment


Our infrared thermometer with built-in sanitizer dispenser is an accurate instrument

that can be used with employees from all types of businesses such as: Retail stores



Infrared Thermometer with Integrated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
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Supermarkets. Hotels. Restaurants. Health and Beauty Salons. Factories. Offices

Educational institutions. Fitness Centers, etc.

Operation: Our Infrared Thermometer with Integrated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

allows a temperature measurement without contact with the test person and in

addition, it allows hand disinfection at the same time! Simply mount the device

against a wall at the desired height or place it on a tripod. The person then places

their hand under the device and their body temperature result appears in less than 1

second. A beep is emitted and a flashing green light appears if the temperature is

normal. If the temperature is abnormal, a red light flashing and several beeps are

emitted indicating that the temperature is higher than normal.

Minimum order of 2 units. $ 19.90 / 2 units.

Qty/Product 1+
Price 239.95 each