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Disinfectant Wipes - Protection Equipment


All-purpose antibacterial disinfectant wipes. Our antibacterial wipes contain 75%

alcohol. They are ideal for hands and non-porous surfaces, such as doorknobs and



All-purpose antibacterial disinfectant wipes
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clean and disinfect hands and non-porous surfaces, such as doorknobs & counters.

Active ingredient: 75% alcohol. Resistant, but soft. Fragrance free. Laboratory tested

Package of 50 units packed with a security seal. Precautions. Store out of direct

sunlight and below 30 ° C. Close after each use. Avoid contact with eyes and

irritated skin. Minimum order of 2 packages of 50 units each.

Qty/Product 1 Pack
Price for pack of 50 units (One Pack) 9.99