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PhoneSoap Pro - Protection Equipment


PhoneSoap Pro - UV Sanitizer. Disinfect your cell phone in 5 minutes, Disinfect your

cell phone from germs and viruses 2 times faster in addition to recharging it..



PhoneSoap Pro
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The PhoneSoap Pro disinfects your cell phone in 5 minutes, thanks to its two UV-C

antibacterial bulbs. Its improved reflective coating offers the same patented 360

degree, 99.99% disinfection of other products like the PhoneSoap 3 or HomeSoap

UV-C Home Sanitizer, but its new design also disinfects larger cases as well as the

ones that have unusual shapes. PhoneSoap Pro's expanded disinfection space can

accommodate even more phone accessories than ever before, such as a wider

range of headphones and watches. Unlike our standard PhoneSoap 3 models, the

PhoneSoap Pro allows you to sanitize your phone automatically when placed inside

or at the push of a button. Automatic or manual, the choice is yours.

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