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PhoneSoap 3 - Protection Equipment


PhoneSoap 3. Disinfect your cell phone in addition to recharging it. You charge your

phone every day, but how often do you disinfect or clean it? Your phone has..



PhoneSoap 3
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become like a third hand you never wash. The PhoneSoap 3 disinfects and cleans

your cell and recharges it. You can now increase the daily load on your cell phone

with a simultaneous disinfection process. With PhoneSoap 3, a recharged phone is

a clean, sanitized phone. Features of PhoneSoap 3:

UV-C rays emitted by the box kill 99.99% * of germs and viruses in 10 minutes

Fits all cellphones and most cell phone case sizes. Safely sanitizes and disinfects

everything that goes inside (phone cases included). Audio amplifier lets you hear

alarms and notifications. Two charging ports (USB and USB-C)

Patented 360-degree disinfection. The bulb is guaranteed for life

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