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APC - Level 3 Medical Masks - COVID Products


Colored or Patterned Level 3 Medical Masks. Colored or Patterned Level 3 Masks

offering superior protection. They are beautiful, unique and different from traditional



Level 3 Medical Masks, Colored or Patterned - APC
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blue masks!. Add cheerfulness to your daily life while protecting yourself at the

highest point. General description:

Product Name: Colored or Patterned Level 3 Medical Masks

Protection level: Level 3, ASTM F2100. Product number and color: APC-1536, purple

APC-1537, black. APC-1533, plaid (tartan) pattern. APC-1534, camo pattern

APC-1535, houndstooth pattern. Dimensions: 175 mm x 95 mm. Units per box: 50.

Technical features of our level 3 colored or patterned medical masks

Bacteria filtration efficiency (EFB) = 98 %

Particle filtration efficiency (PFE) at 0.1 µm = 98%

Resistance to synthetic blood fluids: 160 mm Hg

Differential pressure 6.0 mm H2O/cm2. Flammability: Class 1

$19.00 Colored or Patterned Level 3 Medical (procedure) Masks including a mask

holder. Starting from $ 0.38 / mask.

Qty/Product 1
Price for Box of 50 19.00