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Single-Use Breathalyzer Alcograd

SKU: APC-2005

Alcograd Single-Use Breathalyzer, regular is an innovative, single-use breathalyzer

informing you when your breath alcohol content is 0.00, 0.02, 0.05 or 0.08, thanks..

Single-Use Breathalyzer Alcograd

to color changing crystals inside of the tube

The crystals will change color from white to

purple, passing through various shades of

pink, depending on your breath alcohol

content. An ideal drink driving prevention tool

for your businesses! Perfect for all your

corporate events office celebrations Christmas

and others, golf tournaments and meetings

employee departures wine and cheese tastings, galas, banquets, weddings and all other

events where alcohol is served!. A thoughtful gesture all your employees will remember! In

only a few minutes, this breathalyzer will inform you if you’re over the legal driving limit.

Qty/Product 100
Price 395.00

Jan 26/24

Alcohol Detection