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Single-use Breathalyzer

SKU: APC-1005

Single use breathalyzer Alco-Tube Plus detects your level of alcohol letting you to

know if you exceed the legal limit for driving a vehicle in less than 2 minutes! It..

Single-use Breathalyzer - APC-1005

meets FDA standards and has been approved

by MADD Canada. The difference between

personalized Alco-Tube Plus and generic

Alco-Tube Plus is that the personalized ones

are distributed in a package containing your

logo and personal message of your choice!

Popular messages that employers use on

their packaging: Drive safely. Drive carefully

Your safety is important to us. For a safe evening Safety concerns us all.

Be careful, do the test

Qty/Product 100
Price 395.00

Oct 10/23

Alcohol Detection