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Single-use Breathalyzers

SKU: APC-2008

Single-use Breathalyzer personalized alcograd It is the same breathalyzer as regular

Alcograd single use breathalyzers. Or tests for single-use allowing you to know if..

Single-use Breathalyzer - APC-2008

your breath alcohol content is 0.00, 0.02, 0.05

or 0.08, thanks to color changing crystals

inside the tube. The crystals will change

color from white to purple, passing through

various shades of pink, depending on your

level of intoxication. What's unique about the

personalized Alcograd, is that your logo and

a personalized message can be placed onto

the packaging! Popular employers messages: Drive safely. Drive carefully. Your safety is

important to us. For a safe evening. Your safety concerns us all. Be careful do the test.

Features Single use Breathalyzer Personalized Alcograd. Dimensions: 10 cm length x 1 cm

diameter diameter of a pencil. Weight: 6.0 grams. Delay after the last outlet of alcohol: wait

20 minutes after the last consumption. Delay after having smoked: wait 5 minutes after the

last cigarette. Duration of life: inscribed on the packaging approximately 24 months. Offered

in a pack of 100 units. Price: $495.00 / 100 units, including the mounting graph of a test.

Qty/Product 100
Price 495.00

Jan 26/24

Alcohol Detection