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Healthcare Promotional Items

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Here you'll find healthcare promotional items such as gel hand sanitizers which are

Approved By Health Canada, 3 and 4 ply face covers, Sanitizing Wipes and Masks..

Treble Strength Resistance Band Set

Resistance Band

60ml Gel Hand Sanitizer - HW8060

Gel Sanitizer

PE216 - Purity Pen

Purity Pen

3 Ply Comfort Face Cover - PP0001

3 Ply Face Cover

PP0003 - 4 Ply Contour Face Cover

4 Ply Face Cover

PP0011 - 3 Ply Guardian Mask

Guardian Mask

PP0004 - 30 ML. (1 FL. OZ.) Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

Performance Pocket Zippered Wrist Wallet

Wrist Wallet

PP0008 - Touchless Key With Carabiner

Touchless Key

Garland Yoga Mat With Strap

Yoga Mat

PP0007 - Credit Card Spray Sanitizer

Spray Sanitizer

NW9643 - TREKKA Mask Case

Mask Case

just to name few also Purity Pen Sanitized® is mixed into the plastic body of the pen

resulting in superior and more durable protection. Not just a coating - Antimicrobial

properties are built into the pen to protect from stain and odour causing microbial


Feb 21/23

Personal Care Items