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Travel Coolers - Coolers & Cellars


Affordable travel food storage and cooling appliances to choose from including the

compact 12 volts travel and the lightweight wine coolers with locking handle keeps

IP25 - Fun Cool 12 Volt Cooler

Fun Cool 12 V

I1625GR - Stanely® Adventure Cooler 30q

Traveller 12 V

M1030X-SET - Stanley® Set Vacuum Bottle

Vacuum Bottle

Compact 12 Volt Cooler

Compact 12 V

Thermos Bottle & Lunch Box Combo Set

Bottle & Box Set

M1026X-SET - Vacuum Bottle

Vacuum Bottle

cool to an average of 40C below ambient temperature complete with a12 volt cable

(attached) runs off your car's power supply. Made in Canada, also the STANLEY

Adventure Cooler, adjustable tie down secures bottle, leak resistant lid, locks in the

cold, for more choices, see above products