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Promo Headgear - Promo Textile


We provide complete line of domestically made bandanas, all are custom printed or

embroidered with your logo and address in one colour, keep your brands in front of

BD-1 - Bandanas

BD-1 Bandanas

TBD-1 - Triangular Bandanas

TBD1 Triangular

BD-1 - Tropical Pattern Bandana

Tropical Prints

SBD-1 - Stock Theme Bandana

Stock Bandanas

DR-1 - Doo-Rag

DR-1 - Doo-Rag

WC-1 - Welders Cap

Welders Cap

ACH - Adults Chef's Hat

Adults Chef Hat

KCH - Kid's Chef' Hat

Kid's Chef' Hat

SHB-1 - Sport Helmet Bag

Helmet Bags

your customers with these colorful designs, choose the triangular or personalized

tropical bandanas, with its attractive print, we do offer stock items as well, you may

purchase them blank or you can include print as desired, also we provide Doo-Rags

and welders caps, kid's or adults chef hats printed as per your design as requested