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Health Care Ind. - Vinyl Products


Briefcases are an essential and efficient way to keep and carry your paperwork,

promotional briefcases printed with your logo comes in handy and shows your style,

HY0290 - Deluxe Pocket First Aid Kit

0290 First Aid Kit

HY0268 - Pocket First Aid Kit

0268 First Aid Kit

HY0668 - Weekly Pill Holder

0668 Pill Holder

HY0568 - Small Pill Sleeve

Small Sleeve

HY0468 - Vinyl Safety Kit

Vinyl Safety Kit

HY0111 - Manicure Kit

Manicure Kit

S8763-C - Vinyl Pouch

Vinyl Pouch

LT8735 - SALZBURG Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag

Printed Vinyl Products for Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry like 0468 - Vinyl

Safety Kit or HY0111 - Manicure Kit, all printed on standard and non, vinyl, printed

silk screen printed one or 2 colours or hot stamped one colour on one side, all

designed for Health Care Industry.