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Custom Printed Cooling Towel

SKU: YM9095

Krienes Custom Printed Cooling Towel is 12 W x 38 inches H. Breathable

extreme soft cooling material 2-layer cooling towel with zig-zag stitching..

YM9095 - Krienes Cooling Towel

Lightweight and reusable. Material retains

moisture while remaining dry to the touch.

Once this towel is damp it helps lower your

body temperature. Cools you down and

absorbs sweat without dripping Provides a

refreshing way to help cool down. Can be

used over and over again Just re-wet and ring

out to reuse. Great for the gym, cardio classes

walks, hikes and outdoor sports. Instructions included. Machine wash in gentle

cycle; hang to dry. TR PP PS - 5 W x 5 inches H front

Qty/Product 75 250 500 1000 2500
Price 7.20 5.84 5.10 4.90 4.68
12 50 250 500 1000 2500
Blank 5.90 5.62 4.87 4.30 4.13 3.97

Sept 25/23

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