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Promotional Tech Items is our unique section of variety of tech items. From custom

power banks to promotional phone accessories including Charger Adapters, Phone..

Easy-Tech Phone Holder - WC50154

Phone Holder

SKU: WC50154

Easy-Tech Phone Holder. Hold Your Phone

With Ease - TS Phone Holder Perfect desk

accessory, 5 colours to...

Neoprene Tech Organizer Case - WC45466

Neoprene Case

SKU: WC45466

Organize In Style - Neoprene tech organizer

case. Organize your mobile accessories.

Perfect for power...

Full Colour True Wire Less Bluetooth Earbuds


SKU: WC49957

Full Color True Wire Less Bluetooth Earbuds.

Enjoy crisp, quality sound anywhere with the

full colour true wireless...

Dual Pocket Silicone Phone Wallet - WC52561

Phone Wallet

SKU: WC52561

Take Your Credit Cards And ID With You with

this Dual Pocket Silicone Phone Wallet - TS

Phone Wallet...

Full Colour Qi Wireless Charger - WC50019

Wireless Charger

SKU: WC50019

iphone Charging Pad Qi Wireless Charger,

promote your brand with the TS full color

Induction Wireless Charger...

Portable Phone Charger 2200 mAh - WC45776

Phone Charger

SKU: WC45776

Portable Phone Charger 2200 mAh, charge up

your next promotion with the TS slim Charger,

lithium ion premium grade...

Silicone Phone Wallet With Stand - WC44737

Phone Wallet

SKU: WC44737

The Best Phone Accessory Around is this

Silicone Phone Wallet With Stand, this TS

Phone wallet stand...

Astrostar LED Keychain

LED Keychain

SKU: WC52134

With the Push of a Button the Vibrant Astrostar

LED Keychain Lights Your Way! Push button

to illuminate the...

Smartphone Wallet - WC50055

Phone Wallet

SKU: WC50055

Smartphone Wallet, a pocket for your phone

TS ia a Silicone Phone Pocket comes with

adhesive backing...

Swivel USB Car Charger - WC51710

USB Charger

SKU: WC51710

Swivel USB Car Charger, It's a Keychain and

Car Charger in one! portable USB car charger

conveniently swivels out...

Tactical Pro Lantern - WC47459

Pro Lantern

SKU: WC47459

Make Your Next Promotion Shine With The

Collapsable Tactical Pro Lantern, comes with

two collapsable handles...

Foldable Metal Phone Stand

Phone Stand

SKU: WC49962

Brand Your Phone Stand So Everyone

Remembers Who You Are! This custom phone

stand is perfect for just...

Wallets, Phone Chargers, USB Keychains, Wireless Chargers, Neoprene Cases and

many more! take a look.

Jun 02/23

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