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Youth Promotional Items

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These Youth Promotional Items from drawstring backpack that is made of two-tone

polyester with a front mesh pocket to sports towel and multi-use bags or daisy..

1529 - Sport Towel

Sport Towels

SKU: 1529

This Promotional Sport Towel is made of 100%

recycled microfibre and inserted in a white

pouch with color accent made of 100%...

0134 - Sun Visor Clip

Sun Visor Clips

SKU: 0134

Handy sun-clip for the sun visor or belt. Feel

free to add your logo or text to this useful item

it can be decorated with one or more...

BAG-1310 - Sport Backpack

Sport Backpacks

SKU: 1310

Sport backpack One-zip three-tone colored

backpack. A single compartment with double

zipper on three sides. Comfortable...

1315 - Drawstring Backpack

Drawstring Backpack

SKU: 1315

Drawstring backpack / tote bag backpack tote

made of two-tone polyester with a front mesh

pocket. Shoulder straps that combine for...

0278 - Toiletry Travel Kit

Toiletry Travel Bag

SKU: 0278

Microfiber toiletry travel bag with carrying

handle, numerous mesh pockets and zippered

compartments. Unzipped bag folds out...

9779 - Multi-purpose Bag

Multi-use Bags

SKU: 9779

In this Multi-purpose bag you can use it as a

pencil case, comes with external small pocket,

two zipper closures. Bulk packaged...

1225 - Shoe / Cosmetic / Travel Bag 600D/PVC

Shoe Travel Bag

SKU: 1225

Shoe cosmetic travel bag 600D/PVC resistant

cosmetic or travel bag. Main compartment with

zipper closure. Mesh portion to allow air...

BRB-0811 - 5 color - Daisy - Highlighter

Daisy Highlighter

SKU: 0811

Stylized Daisy Highlighter with white opaque

center and 5 frosted color caps/petals

concealing blue, yellow, green, pink and...

1714 - Squeezable Hockey Bottle

Hockey Bottles

SKU: 1714

Add your design to this Squeezable Hockey

Bottle Made in HDPE with a choice of cap in 5

color. BPA free. Not assembled...

0692 - Clock Picture Frame

Clock Picture Frame

SKU: 0692

clock picture frame thermometer and dry erase

board complete with Pivoting panel with picture

frame, 4.5 x 3.5 inches on one side and a...

1890 - In GlasCO Hochey Puck

Hochey Puck

SKU: 1890

In glass co hockey puck capture the excitement

of this unique NHL outdoor event with the

official souvenir hockey puck, color black...

0915 - Fluorescent Dual Liquid Color Highlighter

Color Highlighter

SKU: 0915

Print your logo on this giveaway item, it is a

fluorescent dual liquid color Highlighter is a

combination featuring durable felt...

highlighter, you'll find them here such as the Drawstring backpack / tote bag. Backpack tote

made of two-tone polyester or the Microfiber toiletry travel bag with carrying handle and

Multi-purpose pencil case with external small pocket also the official souvenir hockey puck

and the. Squeezable Hockey Bottle using HDPE plastic and it is Made in Canada

Sept 25/23

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