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CK-810 - Crystal Table Alarm Clock - Gift Ideas


CK-810 - Glamorous - Crystal Table Alarm Clock
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Shiny chrome finished table clock with retractable stand, framed with 64 stunning Austrian crystals, featuring

precise quartz Movement with crescendo alarm, unique pink dial and luminous sweeping hands.

Product size: 2.75in x 3in x 1in. Shiny chrome finished desk clock with retractable stand

Features 64 stunning Austrian crystals on frame. Precise quartz Movement with crescendo alarm

Unique pink dial and luminous sweeping hands. Case materials / color: Metal / Silver

Case size: 70mm x 76mm x 23mm

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Net product weight: 206gm

Brand: Matsuda

Qty/Product 1
Alarm Clock 49.50