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Custom Novelty - Vinyl Products


Look of luxury expanded vinyl decorated Bill Presenters, card holders or clipboards,

as per your design, Imprint Hot stamping, silk-screening,debossing or embossing.

HY10008 - Small Clear Envelope

10008 Envelope

HY0157 - Diploma/Certificate Holder

0157 Certificate

HY0144 - Economy Bill Presenter

Bill Presenter

HY5930 - Tent Style Case Made Menu

Tent Style Menu

HY0568 - Small Pill Sleeve

Small Sleeve

HY0357 - Credit Card Holder

Card Holder

HY6320 - Single Panel Clipboard

Panel Clipboard

HY6340 - Small Single Panel Clipboard

6340 Clipboard

HY0052 - Small Clipboard Folder

0052 - Folder

HY0255 - Pocket Telephone/ Address Book

Address Book

HY0119 - Pocket Phone Book and Pad

Phone Book

HY9041 -Deluxe Book Cover

HY9041 Cover

HY0093 - Vinyl Coupon Case

0093 Vinyl Case

HY5740 - Large Vinyl Chess/Checkers Board

Ches Board

HY0290 - Deluxe Pocket First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

HY1036 - Auto Mileage/Expense Journal

Expense Journal