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Candies & Mints - Novelty Products


Choose from our selection of Promotional candy and mints, custom promo products

candy tins are available with brand imaging, all novelty sweets are types of candies

Domed Tin

Domed Tins

404 - Snap-It Tin

Snap-It Tins

Rectangular Tin

Rectangular Box

333 - Dice Tin

Dice Shape

Your First Car

Your First Car

MTR5000F - Lobster Mint Tin

Lobster Mint Tin


303 - Slimline

Mini Snap-It Tin

Mini Snap-It

Jelly Bean Tin Containing Jelly Belly

Jelly Bean Tins

CN-655 - 6 Pc. Stick Gum Pack

Stick Gum Pack

Mint Card

Rec Mint Card

Whirly Pops

Wirily Pops
 Mar. 15/21

that is excellent choice for adding your design and logo from small candy tins to the

jelly bean tin and the mini snap-it box, rectangle mint card to wirily pops, get a fresh

burst of intense flavor with our micromints® it is sugar-free, available in peppermint

or cinnamon. Our micromints® are North American made.